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Current Exhibition

2015-2016 France-Korea Year
Tendance Floue
DEC 17. 2016 – FEB 22. 2017

ⓒ Flore-Aël Surun, VISIBLE / INVISIBLE, Ten Thousand Spirits, Photographs and video, 2015

Since 2013, GoEun Museum of Photography has presented multiple international exchange exhibitions to review where Korean photography stands in the context of global photography scene and promote its growth. This year the Museum held various events in celebration of the 130th anniversary of France-Korea diplomatic relations. As the last official event of 2015-2016 France-Korea Year in both Korea and France, the Museum will present KOREA ON/OFF (2016. 12. 17 - 2017. 2. 22) exhibition. The 12 member artists of Tendance Floue, an international photography group from France, will exhibit the faces of Korea seen from their own original perspectives that were captured for the last 16 months. KOREA ON/OFF was previously exhibited at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris from August 30 through September 25, 2016, together with GoEun’s annual exhibition Busan Observation, which have received great attention by the local French public. It was also an opportunity to simultaneously observe the Korean photographers’ view of Busan and French photographers’ perspectives on Korea.

KOREA ON/OFF is created by Tendance Floue that was inspired by the I Ching and Yin-yang components of the Korean national flag and what these components symbolize. Just as yin and yang continuously change and advance in harmony despite their conflicting nature, Korea captured by these artists is full of images that are similar yet contradicting. While Tendance Floue uses photography as a medium, the group also utilizes other channels of media to expand their method of expression. Moreover, the exhibition induces an amazing sense of change and concentration through various contrasts and emphasis on forms. Not only will it provide a wide perspective on Korea, it will also be a chance to recognize the diverse spectrums on contemporary photography.

Following the exhibitions held at Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume and Cité Internationale des Arts, this exhibition will be the Museum’s third official event as well as the finale of the two countries’ celebration. GoEun Museum of Photography wishes to contribute to the promotion of the cultural exchange between Korea and France. By interacting with international photography scene the Museum will not only encourage growth of Korean photography and provide a platform to promote it overseas, but also construct a foundation that will establish a partnership affecting beyond Korea and France to Asia and Europe through social and cultural networks.

GoEun Museum of Photography would like to first thank the 12 Tendance Floue artists who have done so much for this exhibition, in particular Alain Willaume and Thierry Ardouin, the two artist without whom the exhibition would not have been possible. The Museum would also like to show its gratitude to Bénédicte Alliot, Director of Cité Internationale des Arts, for the effort he has shown for our exhibition in Paris. The Museum would also like to express words of thanks to Henri Loyrette, the President of Cité Internationale des Arts and of the organizing committee for the France-Korea Year, The Institut Français of Paris, Agnès Benayer, the Commissioner General of France-Korea Year, Korean officials of the France-Korea Year organizing committee and everyone else who have shown their support for the exhibition.


Exhibition's Works
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Pascal Aimar isolates figures amongst the crowd of Humanity. Caught furtively, these imperceptible faces look like us. Serving as mirrors of our own solitude, they appear and disappear like fragments of souls. Although he crops in close, Aimar doesn't focus on individuals and hence reveals an acute, tragic element of human consciousness.

Thierry Ardouin works on man's links with his environment. While paying homage to Time through his use of rare formats (pinhole, microphotography or chamber), he looks for traces of the hand of man on landscapes, and their transformation. He examines the profound disconnect between humans and their planet.

Denis Bourges observes communities through the cracks and from behind closed doors, creating a strange effect where they seem to collide with one another. He takes an inventive approach which, combined with his ability to conjugate infinity and intimacy, brings us a close-up view of the social bonds that unite people across the different divides.

Space generously fills Gilles Coulon's photographic work. Exploding with inward communicative energy, silent images buzz with the rumblings of the world. His landscapes speak out, his portraits testify to his encounters and moments of sharing. Sometimes, the image changes hands and the story flows

Social conditioning and free will haunt Olivier Culmann's work. Straddling the absurd and the derisory, his work analyses with microscopic acuity our daily lives and our connection with the images. He returns relentlessly to his obsessions – and our own – he carries us along with his humour and his art of narration.

Grace, fraternity and struggles are core to the work of Mat Jacob. His photographic transcriptions interweave poetry and tension. Vigilant, Mat Jacob questions both the contemporary world as that, elusive, of emotions. His vibrant memory resonates and enriches the present. His demanding clarity nourishes a generous and serious utopia.

For over 20 years, Philippe Lopparelli has been roaming territories where time no longer keeps pace with the world at large. Time is stretched, dilated, dismantled. There's black poetry where codes between people are no longer those imposed by social norMs. and time-consuming trends.

Betrand Meunier's work is constructed over the long term following a method close to a cinematic-topographic approach. Through meticulous study of the terrain, scripting his series of images and combining them into sequences, Betrand Meunier distances himself from raw information and assumes an often dream-like, yet always “concerned” subjectivity.

Often touched by the magic of a theatrical moment, Meyer's subjects are above all human encounters. Between fantasy and realism, his singular vision gives the spectator the possibility of opening up a new imaginary world. Through his approach and his formal research, he suggests a gentle transgression and strong and innovative commitment.

Through a powerful mastery of light and shadow, the work of Flore-Aël originates in the tender secret that binds beings to one another. She searches for beauty in the everyday world, at the point where life touches her heart. Peace, rebellion and magic inhabit her work, in a harmony that is sometimes paradoxical but always enlightened.

The work of Patrick Tournebœuf interrogates the identity of places. Mixing together the environment, architecture and urban landscapes, he defines his own concept of space in which geography and social concerns hold a dialogue with a rigorous aesthetic. The construction of his series of images forces a rethinking of the ambiguous relationships between reality, function and fiction.

Far from any documentary concept, the work of Alain Willaume is inhabited by metaphor. An experimenter of forms, he develops work in direct contact with the world. Away from the main stream, he invents a singular mapping made of enigmatic and engaged images that blend the violence and the vulnerability of the world and the humans who inhabit it.

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